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Technology is a vital part of any business these days. Just think for a moment, what technology – especially computer technology – does for your company every day. Most likely, your computer system is responsible for your billing, accounting, messaging, scheduling, documentation and other business functions. When your system is slow or when you are having problems, your business suffers. Fortunately, Network Providers, Incorporated (NPI) is here to help.

Our Mission

Our goal is to become a partner with small businesses who do not have an MIS manager or a full-time computer staff. Our consultants can provide the system support you need, ensuring your system runs as if you had a full time computer staff on-site.

Our Approach

 We provide one-on-one training, explanations and evaluations. This "down home" approach helps you be involved with what is developing on your system - instead of making you feel like a big company has come in and taken over your business. Network Providers, Inc. knows its success is based on accurate work, timely service and loyalty to its clients.

Network Providers, Inc.

Phone: 1.801.849.0521

FAX:    1.801.779.7450

110 W. 13775 S., Suite 3

Draper, UT 84020