Have you heard about Apple's new programming language, Pkl? Apple developers are excited about it. If you're a developer who uses iOS and MacOS, discover more about this modern programming language.

What Is Pkl?

Pkl (pronounced pickle) is Apple's new open-source programming language with embeddable configuration. In other words, it's a program language users not working at Apple can easily modify and share. You can use it to communicate system configurations in other languages like JSON, XML, and YAML more expressively. It combines the best elements of static and general-purpose languages to describe complex configurations in an accessible way.


The defining feature of Pkl is its simplicity. Like JSON, it uses a key-value format and focuses on the end-state approach while bypassing the need for specific steps. This makes it accessible for programmers with little knowledge or experience and allows integration into multiple other languages.

Integrity and Security

Pkl also boasts various features that improve its data integrity and security. These features include:

  • Type checking, which checks the accuracy and validity of the program before running it
  • Sandboxing, which restricts the program's access to other resources to help prevent malware from spreading
  • The Principle of Least Privilege, which constitutes a set of "best practices" to organize data in a way that reduces security breaches


Another key feature of Apple's Pkl language is its extensive versatility. The program can configure both infrastructure and applications. It's compatible with JSON, YAML, Java 8 or higher, Kotlin, Swift, and Go. Many programmers expect Apple to expand compatibility to more object-oriented program languages.

Open-Source Commitment

What is most exciting about Apple's release of Pkl is that it highlights the company's growing commitment to open-source software. Open-source programs allow anyone to access, modify, and share the source code. In other words, open-source programming is to software development what Wikipedia is to information.

Open-source software improves the rate of innovation because it speeds up collaboration. Because Pkl is open-source, you can expect it to evolve rapidly. 

What Can Pkl Do for Your Business?

Suppose you run or manage a business that relies heavily on computer programming. In that case, you'll love how Pkl helps your developers reduce errors and collaborate more quickly. If your programmers use one of the common program languages, you'll appreciate how easily Pkl integrates it.

Incorporating Pkl into your business also allows you to hire less experienced developers without reducing the quality of your programs or risking an increase in errors. This means you're bringing in people early in their careers and cultivating loyal employees who don't bring any biases or bad habits from previous jobs.

The documentation for Apple's Pkl is on GitHub. In addition to MacOS and Java, the language works on Linux and Alpine Linux. Discover more today.


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